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Buje Buje was known as the "sentinel of Istria" for its hilltop site located 10 km (6.21 mi) inland from the Adriatic sea. It still commands an excellent panorama. Buje has a rich history; traces of life in the region date back to prehistoric times. The town developed from a Roman and Venetian settlement into a medieval town. Buje has been part of the Venetian republic from 1358 until 1797 and has been an Italian city from 1918 to 1945. Today it is a modern regional center. Despite its development Buje has retained many features typical of various historical periods. With its narrow streets and a central square, the old town is a fine example of medieval architecture with strong Venetian influences as the rest of the region.


Salt pans Se?ovljeThis small settlement is widely known for its salt pans, which through centuries contributed to economic development of our parts. The original marsh wetlands, originating from the connection of delta land and the sea, were transformed into salt pans already in the middle ages. The salt works as an economic activity still exists nowadays on approximately 700 hectares of operational salt pans. On the area of the old, abandoned salt pans, there is Salt Pans Museum, in which we can admire the gradual development of the salt pans, as well as the way of life of the salt workers during the centuries up to the present date.



Adriatic golf clubThe Adriatic Golf Course, situated on the Istrian Peninsula is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Croatian coast. Near the small viliage of Savudrija with panoramic views overlooking Portorož, Piran, Trieste and Grado completed by the beautiful white outlines of the Austrian Alps. A professional golf course with 18 holes, 6.360 meters, PAR 72, and characterized by an Interesting design that has been incorporated Into the natural environment. These unique characteristics bring a challenge for players of all skills. On the Adriatic Golf course as well as most courses by the sea, the wind can add an additional challenge, along with strategically placed bunkers and skilfully crafted greens.. The course delicately blends into the landscape, shaped tastefully into the rocks, and natural ponds with ever-green vegetation typical for the Mediterranean region. On every hole there are five different tee positions which provide additional challenge to players depending on which tee they decide to play from. Each hole has unique scenery and landscapes that are reflected In their descriptive names such as, Vineyard, Seaview, Olivetree, Romanic Church, and many more.

Casino Portorož

Casino Portorož Casino' Portorož is the slovene Casino' with the longest tradition, a boutiqe of classic games and the sprak of the poker room with the best view in Europe.
Casino' Portorož sits on top of Portorož, surrounded with a mediterranean climate, excellent hotels, restaurants and the uniqe nature of Istria.


Casino Mulino

Casino MulinoSituated in en enchanting region well-known as Istria, near the Slovenian and Italian borders, and embraced by the natural park of salt-fields, Casino Hotel Mulino attracts especially those who would like to enjoy in a great style.The exclusive Casino Mulino it is known as one of the most attractive and well run casinos in Europe. With 20 tables and 260 slot machines, the fun is quaranteed 24 hours per day.


Airport Portorož

Airport Portorož Portorož Airport is the smallest of three international airports in Slovenia. It is located near the village of Se?ovlje, 6 km (3.7 mi) south of Portorož, and less than 300 m (980 ft) from the Croatian border. In addition to Portorož, the airport serves a number of other tourist destinations in the region, including Piran, Izola, Koper in Slovenia, Trieste in Italy and Umag in Croatia.
The airport is intended for passenger and cargo transport, sport, tourist and business flights.


Kanegra beach

Kanegra beachThe beach Kanegra is located near the city of Buje, just near the same named tourist resort. The beach is one of the most beautiful bays on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. Surrounded by trees, that give plenty of shade, this beach is ideal to spend all day at. Above the beach there is a tourist resort that offers various services for children and adults. Because of its quality and offered activities, such as a beach volleyball court, the beach is yearly proud owner of the Blue Flag. The beach is covered with gravel and has a nice entrance to the sea, which makes it ideal for families with young children.



Umag Umag in Istria is the first city you will reach when approaching Istria from western Europe. Umag conquers with its allure, diversity and richness of the tourist offer. Umag is a town of around 13,000 inhabitants which with about 45 km of the coastline and interesting hinterland integrates special features of the whole region and might be the best introduction into a different experience of the Mediterranean.



NovigradNovigrad, once a peaceful fishing town, over the years has become a compelling touristic destination. Although being so popular among tourists from all around the world, Novigrad has to this day kept its intimate and irresistible charm of a typical quite Mediterranean fishing town.

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